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A Zero Sum Formula

A Zero Sum Formula

While the Department of Public Works removes 1,300 trees per year, 1,300 trees are also planted. Additionally, 11,400 trees are treated each year by DPW and over 3,600 are trimmed.

Our Urban Forest

The City of Naperville recognizes that trees beautify and lend value to homes, neighborhoods, parks and business areas. At the same time, trees conserve energy, help clean the air, protect rivers and streams and provide a habitat for wildlife. Naperville's Forestry Division maintains parkway trees in the community and encourages residents to consider planting trees on their own property.

New Construction Tree Program

Parkway trees are required at each newly constructed residence and commercial property. The number of trees required is based on the property's total linear street frontage. These trees are paid for during the permitting process, and the City plants them when the lot is at final grade. For more information, call the City of Naperville's Forestry Division at (630) 420-6095.

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