Biking Maps, Guides and Plans

Naperville strives to provide opportunities where bicycling can be a viable option for recreation, school, commuting, shopping and fitness. Although the City's Bicycle Implementation Plan was updated in 2006, the bicycling system continues to evolve every year. The plan guides the establishment of new bicycle facilities throughout the City.

Naperville's citywide map includes on-street and off-street bicycle routes, park and forest preserve locations and bicycling tips.

The following guides provide suggested biking routes and tips to reach the Route 59 and Naperville Metra Stations.

The Naperville Park District partners with many local/regional agencies and committees to promote trail development (biking, walking, and water) in Naperville and its outlying areas.

The DuPage River Trail is a multi-use trail for non-motorized public use that runs parallel to the DuPage River at the eastern and western terminus of the Riverwalk.