Biking Maps, Guides and Plans

Naperville Pedestrian & Bicycle Survey

Walking and biking are part of a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. The City of Naperville Sustainability Team, Transportation Advisory Board, and Naperville Environment and Sustainability Task Force, invite you to complete our Bicycle & Pedestrian community survey. Information from this survey will identify biking and walking patterns, priorities and needs in Naperville. The survey is open until 4/28 and will take approximately 5 minutes to complete. Thank you for your input to build a more connected, active, sustainable and safe community!

Naperville strives to provide opportunities where bicycling can be a viable option for recreation, school, commuting, shopping and fitness. The City's bicycling system continues to evolve every year, with the Bicycle Implementation Plan guiding the establishment of new bicycle facilities throughout the City. 

Naperville's citywide map includes on-street and off-street bicycle routes, park and forest preserve locations and bicycling tips.

The following guides provide suggested biking routes and tips to reach the Route 59 and Naperville Metra Stations.

    The DuPage River Trail is a 8.23-mile multi-use trail that is perfect for biking. Two of the trails access points are located in Naperville - one at Whalon Lake and the other at Riverview Farmstead Preserve.