Over a Century of Service

Over a Century of Service

In 2019, the Naperville Electric Utility proudly celebrated 120 years as a public utility, owned by the customers it serves. Each month, the utility brings reliable electricity to more than 60,000 customers. The City of Naperville purchased the Naperville Electric Co. in 1899 for $18,000 when the population was 2,600 residents and there were only 350 customers. In 1920, the first substation was energized at Water and Webster Streets, shown in this photo, which was taken in the 1980s looking south to Water Street and the future home of the Municipal Center.

Maintaining the Fleet

Maintaining the Fleet

Throughout the year, the Department of Public Works makes 10,000 repairs and 875 oil changes, while also dispensing 445,000 gallons of fuel and 10,000 gallons of fluids to its vehicles. This maintenance has paid off; The City’s fleet service team has been ranked in the top 100 best fleets in North America two years in a row.


COVID-19 Impacts

Please visit the COVID-19 Impacts on City Services page for the most up-to-date information on pandemic-related changes to city services.

Naperville’s service philosophy of not just serving the community, but serving it well plays out all day, every day. With innovation at the heart of service delivery, the City utilizes the continuous improvement model of delivering efficient services while saving money. Naperville’s employees are tasked with creating a positive service experience every day and have been incredibly successful in this effort. In the most recent citizen survey, 94% of respondents were satisfied with the quality of life in Naperville. Overall satisfaction with City services in that survey rated 35% above the national average.

Groot-Naperville Website

Groot, the City's residential garbage and recycling services contractor, has a customized website just for Naperville residents. Visit the website for information about regular and holiday pick-up schedules, yard waste carts, e-waste collection, special household collection services, acceptable recycling materials and more!

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Naperville offers sturdy wheeled residential garbage carts in three sizes.

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Naperville offers sturdy wheeled residential recycling carts in three sizes.

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