Legislative Priorities

At the Jan. 16, 2024, City Council meeting, the Council approved these 2024 Legislative Priorities.  Naperville’s priorities fall under four general categories: Finance, Governance and Technology, Transportation and Public Safety. The factors influencing these priorities include identifying operational challenges, risk mitigation and opportunities to decrease costs, increase revenues, or increase efficiency.


  • Sustainable Public Pensions
    • Protect public pension systems and the taxpayers that fund them. 
    • The costs of any proposed changes must be clearly understood and considered.
    • Any changes should be directly linked to solving a pension problem.
  • Restore the Local Governmental Distributive Fund (LGDF) to 10%
    • The current local government share is 6.47% of individual income tax collections and 6.845% of corporate income tax collections. Restoring the LGDF to the original rate of 10% reduces stress on property taxes and supports funding of critical City services including public safety, public works, and technology.

Governance & Technology

  • Open Meetings Act/Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
    • Permit meetings to be held remotely at the discretion of local officials.
    • Address burdensome FOIA requests for police body camera footage of arrests
  • Support electronic publication of statutorily mandated postings
    • Fulfill any statutorily mandated newspaper posting requirement by providing notice on the City’s website and an online searchable database independent from the municipality. 
  • Support municipal immunity from liability for cyberattacks
    • Remove the liability of municipalities when a cyberattack occurs and ensure critical local services are protected.


  • Erosion of Motor Fuel Tax (MFT) dollars
    • At 27 electric vehicles per 1,000 residents, Naperville has four times the state and national average number of electric vehicles.
    • With this increase in electric vehicles, state and local MFT dollars continue to diminish and replacement revenues are necessary to fund roadway maintenance. 
  • Future regional public transportation planning, funding, and service
    • Affordable and convenient public transportation is critical to the community.  
    • The RTA highlights funding, governance, and planning challenges of sustaining the current public transportation network.    

Public Safety 

  • Increasing the penalty for fleeing and eluding from a misdemeanor to a felony
    • The Police Department has experienced a continued increase in fleeing and eluding cases from 28 in 2019 to 137 in 2022. 

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