Mailboxes and Parkway Sod

During the City’s snow and ice control operations, there is a potential for mailboxes or parkway sod to be damaged by a passing snowplow.

Report a Damaged Mailbox

If your mailbox is damaged during a snow event, please report it to the City by filling out a Mailbox Damage Report form.

A City crew will respond, weather permitting, usually within 3 business days to assess the mailbox damage and make minor repairs if possible. However, if the damages are extensive and meet criteria for reimbursement, the City will provide a temporary mailbox until resident is able to complete permanent installation.

The City will also send a letter containing a Release Form (postcard) which should be signed and returned to Public Works. Once the release form has been received, the City will issue a reimbursement check in the amount of $100 as authorized by City Council.  

Permanent replacement of the box and/or post assembly is the responsibility of the property owner and should conform to postal guidelines and Naperville Municipal Code requirements. Permanent mailboxes must be installed by May 31 of the current year as all temporary mailboxes will be collected beginning the first Monday in June. If you complete the repairs before June you can request that the temporary mailbox be picked up by completing a Temporary Mailbox Pick-Up request form

Report a Damaged Mailbox

Request Temporary Mailbox Pick-Up

Report Damaged Parkway Sod

If your parkway sod is damaged, please report it to the City by filling out a Sod Damage Report form. All repairs to sod will take place in the spring, weather permitting, with dirt and seed.

Report Damaged Sod

Prepare Your Mailbox for Winter

To avoid having your mailbox damaged by snowplows, follow these guidelines when installing your mailbox:

  1. The bottom of the box or crossbar should be 40 inches above the top back edge of the curb.
  2. No point of the mailbox or sub-frame should be closer than 8 inches behind the back of the curb.
  3. Support structures for mailboxes should be constructed of break-away material, either 4" x 4" lumber or 2" diameter, thin wall steel pipe with a wall thickness less than 0.155". The support structure should not be buried any more than 24" into the ground. Any other mailbox support structure is not acceptable.

Unacceptable support structures include, but are not limited to, brick, block, stone or concrete masonry columns, wagon wheels, steel pipes in excess of the previously defined 2" diameter and 0.155" thickness and lumber posts in excess of 4" x 4". Use of railroad tires, brick or masonry is not allowed.

The City is not responsible for mailboxes damaged during snow plowing if they do not meet city guidelines.

For more information, call Naperville Public Works at (630) 420-6095.