A Safer Naper

October - Community Education Campaign Partnerships

October may be Crime Prevention Month, but crime prevention is a year-round undertaking! The Naperville Police Department shares crime prevention strategies throughout the year to help residents keep themselves and their belongings safe. In recognition of Crime Prevention Month, we’d like to remind you of a few of these timeless campaigns and share how we’ve partnered with various businesses and community organizations to expand the reach of these campaigns in recent years.

Lock It or Lose It

A large percentage of the residential and motor vehicle burglaries that occur in our town are to unlocked homes and vehicles. In fact, in the first half of 2021, 85% of all reported burglaries to motor vehicles were to unlocked cars. Additionally, 100% of stolen residential vehicles during that time were unlocked with the keys left inside!

These are oftentimes crimes of opportunity and preventable. So, be proactive and Lock It or Lose It! Lock your vehicle, don’t leave valuables in plain sight and take your keys with you.

We recently worked with local homeowners’ associations to place yard signs throughout Naperville as a reminder of this sage advice: Lock It or Lose It.


9 PM Routine

Humans are creatures of habit. Get into the habit each night of making sure you’ve secured your home and vehicle and taken proactive steps to combat auto thefts and break-ins. The 9 PM Routine helps you develop your own personal security routines by having a designated time to perform these tasks every night. Set a reminder for 9 p.m. to go through the following checklist to make sure your property is secure:

  • Remove any valuables from vehicles left outside overnight. Remember, NEVER leave your keys or garage door opener in your vehicle.
  • Lock vehicle doors.
  • Close the overhead garage door.
  • Close and lock all exterior doors and windows. Don’t forget to lock the service door from your garage to your house.
  • Turn on exterior lights and leave them on until dawn.

We recently worked with our partners in the schools to display 9 PM Routine information on school marquees and also sent information to various homeowners’ associations to include in their resident newsletters.


Scam Awareness

Gift card scams signs were delivered to many Naperville businesses to help deter people from buying gift/prepaid cards to pay off potential scammers. The Naperville PD saw a need for these WARNING signs because of an increased number of cases involving criminals having people purchase gift/prepaid cards as forms of payments for utilities, taxes, computer problems, medical expenses or bail. These are scams! No government agency or utility will ever call you and tell you that you must pay using a gift card or prepaid card.

Learn more about common scams


Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

The NPD has also conducted CPTED security assessment walk-throughs at local businesses and residences. CPTED is a multi-disciplinary approach of crime prevention that uses design and the natural environments to create safer spaces and deter crime. These walk-throughs help identify possible areas of concern and identifies various options to help create safer spaces and reduce opportunities for crime. These strategies can be applied to homes, businesses and neighborhoods.

Crime Free Multi-Housing

CrimeFreeHousing.jpgNaperville’s Crime Free Multi-Housing Program is an ongoing partnership with property managers, owners, landlords and residents aimed at keeping drugs and other illegal activity off their properties, ultimately improving the quality of life for our community. Several trainings are held throughout the year at the Naperville Police Department, with another coming up in November.

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