Powering Our Community for the Future

New Thermostat Rebate Program

The City of Naperville's Electric Utility is now offering a one-time $50 rebate for residential utility customers, both homeowners and renters, when they buy and install any smart thermostat, beginning with units purchased on or after May 1, 2018. Visit www.naperville.il.us/thermostatrebate for more information.

Naperville's Electric Utility understands that to power our world for future generations, we must make environmentally friendly decisions today. Our customers have the opportunity to make electricity-saving choices in their homes and businesses as well as bring clean energy to Illinois' power grid.  

The City of Naperville is committed to improving solar market conditions, making it faster, easier and more affordable for our residents and businesses to install solar energy systems.  

We formally support the following high-level energy goals and will to work to achieve them both in our own communities and collaboration throughout the region:

  • Advance renewable energy
  • Enact policies that support clean energy
  • Engage the community in clean energy practices

In order to measure progress along the way, we will track key metrics related to solar energy deployment, such as the number and location of solar installations and their capacity.

Did you know?

Naperville's Renewable Energy Program was ranked in the

Top 10 green power participation rate
by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Energy Calculator

The U.S. Department of Energy home appliance and electronic energy calculator allows you to estimate your annual energy usage and cost to operate specific products.

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Solar Panel Guidelines

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Load Factor Calculator

Businesses can evaluate their load factor and make changes that could potentially save them money.

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