Yard Waste Collection

Yard Waste Cart Prices

Yard waste cart prices and options returned to normal June 1. 

  • 95-gallon carts cost $225/year and fit approximately 4 bags worth of yard waste. 
  • 65-gallon carts cost $185/year and fit approximately 3 bags worth of yard waste.

The City of Naperville's weekly yard waste collection program will run from March 16 to Dec. 18, 2020. Landscape waste must be placed in paper yard waste bags or clearly labeled cans or carts. Bundled small branches will also be picked up. A yard waste sticker must be attached to each bag, container or bundle placed at the curb for collection. State law prohibits grass clippings, leaves, garden waste and branches from being placed in landfills.

Questions or concerns regarding yard waste collection, or a missed pick up should be directed to Groot Industries at 630-892-9294, M-F 8am - 4pm.

Yard Waste Stickers

Groot yard waste stickers cost $2.25 each through December 31, 2020. Stickers may be purchased from the Finance Department at the Naperville Municipal Center, 400 S. Eagle St., as well as the businesses listed below.  

How to Participate in Curbside Collection

Place grass, weeds, small branches, twigs and leaves in 32-gallon paper yard waste bags or a clearly labeled (Yard Waste Only) 32-gallon can. Alternatively, branches less than 3 inches in diameter may be tied in bundles that measure up to 4 feet long and 2 feet wide. Secure each bundle with biodegradable twine. Bags and bundles have a 60-pound weight limit. A yard waste sticker must be attached to each bag, container or bundle placed at the curb for collection. 

The City provides an annual free curbside brush collection starting in mid-May for branches and tree trimmings.

Yard waste stickers cost $2.25 each through December 31, 2020. Stickers may be purchased from the Finance Department at the Naperville Municipal Center, 400 S. Eagle St., as well as the following businesses:

  • Buikema's Ace Hardware
    • 963 W. 75th St., 1030 Washington St. and 5035 Ace Lane
  • Butera Market, 1290 E. Chicago Ave.
  • Caputo's Fresh Market, 3115  W. 111th St.
  • Casey's Foods, 134 W. Gartner Road
  • Convenient Food Mart, 501 W. 87th St.
  • Douglas Ace Hardware, 1212 S. Naper Blvd.
  • Jewel-Osco
    • 1759 W. Ogden Ave., 127 E. Ogden Ave., 1227 Naper Blvd., 2855 W. 95th St., 1157 N. Eola Rd.(Aurora), 1200 Boughton Rd. (Bolingbrook)
  • Meijer, 808 N. Route 59 (Aurora), 225 Weber Rd. (Bolingbrook)
  • Menards, 715 Fort Hill Drive
  • Walgreens
    • 713 E Ogden, 2719 Hassert Blvd., 2111 Winding River Dr. 3035 Book Rd., 63 W. 87th St.
  • Corner Pantry
    • 1801 Wehrli Road
  • Mariano's
    • 1300 S. Naper Blvd.

Please note, certain retailers may have additional service fees. For more information,  please contact specific retailers directly.  

Free Yard Waste Collection Program

From November 2 through December 18, 2020, the City offers a free yard waste collection program. During this time, homeowners may dispose of yard waste in 32-gallon paper yard waste bags or clearly labeled cans (Yard Waste Only) or carts, free of charge, each week on their normal garbage collection day. Branches and other yard waste that are tied into bundles require a sticker at all times.

Prior to November 2, a yard waste sticker is required on all bundled or bagged leaves and yard waste placed out for collection.

"Yard Waste Only" labels to clearly identify cans and carts are available free of charge at the Public Works Service Center, 180 Fort Hill Drive.

Yard Waste Carts/Organics Program

Residents with greater yard waste needs and/or an interest in recycling organics such as food scraps can now choose between two yard waste cart sizes. In lieu of purchasing Kraft bags and stickers, residents may rent a 65-gallon cart that holds approximately 3 bags a week, or a 95-gallon cart that holds approximately 4 bags a week. The 2020 fee to rent a 65-gallon cart is $185 and a 95-gallon cart is $225.

Have an interest in recycling organics like food scraps? In addition to yard waste, food waste can also be placed in the convenient cart, helping keep these items out of landfills. (Food waste composting is only available to those who subscribe to this program.) To sign up and order your cart, call Groot Industries at (630) 892-9294.

Repurposing Your Yard Waste

Repurposing yard waste for landscaping is good for the environment, can provide a more natural appearance in your landscape and can save you time and money.

Here are some quick suggestions for repurposing yard waste from the Conservation Foundation:

  • Let fallen leaves (and fallen twigs) remain. Leaves are variable in texture and can be collected and shredded at home. Shredding speeds decomposition and reduces leaves from blowing away. Mix shredded leaves into the soil in the fall and allow to break down naturally during the winter for improved soil quality. Leaves also provide food, nesting material, and cover for several types of wildlife, including birds and butterflies.
  • Compost your leaves. Chop them up first to speed up decomposition. Leaf mold (composted leaves) makes wonderful mulch, vegetable garden amendment, and has several uses in organic lawn care.
  • When mowing the lawn, use the mulching feature rather than bagging the clippings. Returning grass clippings to the yard keeps your lawn healthy and saves space in the landfill.

For more information on how to reduce yard waste and nourish your landscaping, visit www.theconservationfoundation.org.