Investigations Division

Investigations Leadership

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Deputy Chief
Jason Zbrozek

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Mike Rimdzius

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Matt Egan

Division Overview

The Investigations Division of the Naperville Police Department is staffed by sworn and civilian employees responsible for the follow-up investigation of crime and implementation of community programs. The Investigations Division consists of the following units:

  • Forensic Unit – Processes crime scenes; collects, evaluates and stores evidence; and is the liaison between local, state and federal crime labs.
  • High Tech Computer Crimes/General Assignment Unit – Investigates computer and technology based crimes including sexting, cyber-bullying, computer tampering, internet crimes against children, undercover child pornography investigation, computer/internet based financial fraud and some community education on keeping kids safe on social media and the internet. This unit also investigates less serious offenses such as theft, criminal damage to property, and disorderly conduct.
  • Major Crimes Unit – Investigates the most serious violent offenses such as homicide, robbery and sexual assault, and property crimes such as fraud and burglary.
  • Special Operations Group – Undercover detectives are assigned to proactive enforcement with emphasis on targeting drug, gang and other vice offenses; development of informants; and preparation and execution of search warrants.
  • Community Services Unit – Investigators who handle all criminal cases, including those involving persons under the age of 18 as victims or offenders.  School Resource Officers are assigned full time to each public high school and junior high school. Two full time social workers and a victim advocate are on staff, as well. Crime Prevention Specialists are responsible for providing school and community safety based programs.