Historic Preservation in Naperville

A yellow house with green shutters displays a flag in Naperville's historic district.


Naperville's historic architecture and the character of its historic neighborhoods contribute to the community's well-being and development. The purpose of historic preservation is to protect these valuable resources by:

  1. Fostering civic pride through public education and enhanced awareness of Naperville's rich history as embodied in its architecture and neighborhoods.
  2. Preserving Naperville's heritage by proactively providing tools and oversight to identify and protect landmarks and historic districts.
  3. Protecting neighborhood character by ensuring that rehabilitations, renovations and new improvements in an historic district are compatible in terms of scale, style, exterior features, building placement and site access.
  4. Supporting property owners and property values for designated historic districts or landmarks by providing that repair, rehabilitations and renovations shall be compatible with the historic, architectural and aesthetic character of the historic districts and landmarks.

Historic District StoryMap

An Overview of Historic Preservation in Naperville is an ArcGIS StoryMap that uses geography to present information about preservation in Naperville.

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Financial Incentives From Landmarks Illinois

Landmarks Illinois, the state’s leading voice for historic preservation and a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, provides a comprehensive list of preservation-related funding opportunities. Please review the organization's website for state, federal and Landmark Illinois sources of funding for historic properties.

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