Accessibility Resources

Developmental Disabilities

Department of Human Services, Division of Developmental Disabilities - DuPage County

TEL: (630) 960-9700

Department of Human Services, Division of Developmental Disabilities - Will County

TEL: (815) 741-0800


College of DuPage

TEL: (630) 942-2380 Center for Accessibility and Accommodations: (630) 942-2154 Special Populations Resources features a collection of resource guides that include an outline of student rights, strategies for success, a listing of assistive technologies and a curated list of scholarships for students with disabilities.

This guide, compiled by, provides a quick overview of the different common disabilities some college students have and the different resources and technologies available to them. 

Emergency Preparedness



TEL: (630) 842-7643

Assists with job training opportunities and employment options for transition students and young adults with disabilities.

U.S. Department of Labor

Office of Disability Employment Policy


Illinois Department of Public Aid - Will County

TEL: (815) 740-5350


TEL: (630) 530-1120

Health Departments

Hearing and Vision

Chicago Hearing Society

TEL: (773) 248-9121 TTY: (773) 248-9174

Hearing & Vision Division of Illinois Department of Public Health

TEL: (217) 524-2396

Lions Club of Naperville (Naperville Noon Lions)

TEL: (630) 364-3922


Illinois Department of Human Services

TEL: (800) 843-6154

Money Follows the Person/ Community Reintegration Program

Legal Assistance

Adults with Disabilities Domestic Abuse Program

TEL: (800) 368-1463

Illinois Department of Human Services

DuPage County State’s Attorney

TEL: (630) 407-6500

Senior and Persons with Disabilities Unit


Illinois Secretary of State

License plates and placards.

Programs and Services


Special Events


Certain townships may assist with utility assistance, tax benefits and/or transportation.


Hop on the Bus

A free service which educates people with disabilities on taking a PACE bus. There is a classroom portion and they also bring a REAL bus out and educate people on accessing and using it.