Embracing Community: Empowering Our Dialogue, Deepening Our Understanding

After Empowering Our Mission Through a Year of Learning, the City’s Embrace Naperville has evolved into Embracing Community: Empowering Our Dialogue, Deepening Our Understanding. In 2024, the City will present a series of "Inclusive Community Conversations," led by Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager Dr. Geneace Williams, in partnership with other community organizations that share the goal of building a community where all feel a sense of value and belonging. Building upon the work already accomplished, this series will foster deeper dialogue and understanding as we continue to advance the City’s mission of creating an inclusive community that values diversity, and furthering the values of People, Respect, Trust, and Pride. 

The series began during Women’s History Month with an empowering panel discussion. Future events will include storytelling and opportunities for the community to participate in intentional, respectful and ongoing dialogue to deepen understanding, while fostering inclusion among generations, cultures, and those with diverse perspectives across our increasingly diverse community. Join us as we leverage the power of understanding to embrace community — individually and collectively.

Embracing Our Future

Learn more about how the City and its partners – including the next generation of leaders – have been sharing diversity, equity, and inclusion messages. All are invited and encouraged to share in these important efforts as they move forward.

Upcoming Events

Stay tuned for news of more exciting events coming soon.