Crime and Incident Data

2023 Crime Stats

Check out a summary of crimes and incidents reported in Naperville in 2023 in this annual reporting of crime data.

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Awareness is a key factor in the overall safety of a community. Residents who are aware of the types of crimes happening in their city are more likely to practice situational awareness, report suspicious activity to police and take proactive steps to avoid victimization.

Police Crime and Incident Map

This interactive map allows users to see the types of incidents police are responding to throughout town. Users can choose a desired time frame and view the general location of incidents to which police have responded. The event types (categories) show on the map can also be narrowed or broadened depending on the user’s interest.

Please note, the map does not plot all calls for service and is not intended to be representative of in-progress incidents. Information updates several times each day, and the classification and status of incidents may change at any time based on the dynamic nature of policework.

TERMS OF USE: The intention of the Police Crime and Incident interactive map is to enhance community awareness of crime and police incidents within the City of Naperville. Users are cautioned not to rely on the information provided to make decisions about the specific safety level of a specific location or area. By using this service, the user knowingly, voluntarily and freely releases the City of Naperville, any employee, agent, independent contractor or representative, of any claim of liability, causes of actions and damages, for any loss resulting from any decisions made or any actions taken or not taken by the user in his or her reliance upon any information or data provided. Users shall note that this tool is designed to provide individuals with a general overview of incidents falling into several public safety categories. As a result, the information provided does not reflect the total number of calls or complaints made to the Naperville Police Department. The data provided is based on information from the Naperville Police Department’s Records Management System. The classification and status of incidents may change at any time based on the dynamic nature of policework. The Naperville Police Department will not provide any personal or identifying information in order to protect the privacy of any individuals involved in the incidents reported. For incident locations, the Naperville Police Department has provided the location using perimeters to the hundredth block and plotted these incidents within a general perimeter of the block. All data visualizations on the map must be considered as offset and users shall not interpret any visualization as related to a specific person or specific property.

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Police Incident Datasets

Incidents reported to or by the Naperville Police Department are available as raw datasets on the City of Naperville’s Open Data Portal. Police incidents are divided into multiple datasets due to the amount of data.

PLEASE NOTE that the classification and status of incidents may change at any time based on the dynamic nature of policework. 

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