Don't ever hit a bump in the road!

Don't ever hit a bump in the road!

Throughout the course of normal yearly construction, the Department of Public Works uses 1,700 tons of asphalt.

Projects in Naperville

From small-scale repair and maintenance like the replacement of a sidewalk square to major development, Naperville is constantly evolving. Be a part of that change!

All the information you need for your personal or business project – be it an addition to your house, a teardown, construction of a new business or moving your company into an existing space – can be found here. 

From planning to development to construction, let us help you make Naperville your home.

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Did you know?

In 2020,

6,971 permits
for various building projects were issued in Naperville.

Your Place

Your Place provides a property information report that includes zoning information, polling place locations, police beats, legislative districts and much more.

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Apply for a Grant

Learn more about the many development grants offered by the City, including the Community Development Block Grant, Energy Efficiency Grants and Renewable Energy Grants.

City Grant Information

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