North Aurora Road Improvement Project

This project is expanding the roadway between Pennsbury Lane and Frontenac Road to accommodate two lanes of traffic in each direction as well as a center turn lane, multi-use trail and sidewalk, with lighting and drainage improvements and a sound wall. To accommodate the expanded roadway, the Canadian National/Wisconsin Central Railroad bridge over North Aurora Road will be improved/expanded as well.

North Aurora Road Project Team

The North Aurora Road Project Team was created in 2024 and granted authority by the Naperville City Council, Aurora City Council, and Naperville Township Board to review and approve agreements for the North Aurora Road widening project. 

Upcoming Meeting
A meeting was held July 1, 2024. Another meeting has not yet been scheduled. Please check back at a future date for details.

Past Meeting Minutes
Meeting minutes will be posted here once approved by the team at a future meeting.

Project Timeline (Updated June 25, 2024)

Improvement Phase 1: The first phase was conducted in partnership with the Naperville Township Road District which improved and widened the pavement between Fairway Drive and Frontenac Road. The scope of Phase 1 consisted of widening the existing three-lane road to accommodate two traffic lanes in each direction, with a center turn lane, multi-use trail and sidewalk, as well as a sound wall and improvements to roadway lighting and drainage. The first phase of work was completed in late summer 2023.  

Improvement Phase 2: The second phase of work will improve the Canadian National/Wisconsin Central Railroad bridge over North Aurora Road in collaboration with the Naperville Township Road District and the City of Aurora (as each agency has jurisdiction over a portion of the roadway along this corridor). The scope of the project consists of replacing the roughly 110-year-old railroad bridge with a new structure that will span the newly expanded five traffic lanes on North Aurora Road, as well as the multi-use trail and sidewalk. In addition, roadway lighting, a pump station and increased vertical clearance will be provided. Construction on this phase of the project is anticipated to begin late 2024 and tentatively projected to be completed in 2028.

Project Background

The City of Naperville began work in 2006 to secure funding to improve sections of North Aurora Road to reduce vehicle congestion and crashes and improve access for bicyclists and pedestrians in the area. North Aurora Road between Route 59 and Pennsbury Lane is a traffic bottleneck because it is the only remaining section of this corridor with a single lane for traffic in each direction for several miles on either side. Existing traffic already exceeds roadway capacity, and traffic is expected to grow to nearly 33,000 vehicles a day by 2040. The City is conducting this roadway improvement project in two phases, one to widen the road and add pedestrian and bicycle access, and another to replace a roughly 110-year-old railroad bridge in the project area.