Electronics Recycling


Due to the Christmas and New Year's holidays, the Electronics Recycling Center will be closed on Tuesday, December 25 and Tuesday, January 1.

Electronics are accepted for recycling at the City of Naperville’s Environmental Collection Campus, 156 Fort Hill Drive, on weekdays from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m. Collection is sponsored by eWorks ESI through a partnership with DuPage County. Questions about this collection point should be directed to eWorks at (217) 364-7543.

Program Details


Naperville Environmental Collection Campus, 156 Fort Hill Drive

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday
7 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Fees – All TV's, CRT's, Flat Screens, & Monitors only

Under 21 inch screen = $25 per unit
21-inch screen and over = $35 per unit
Cash or credit card accepted. Please, no checks.

Accepted Items

Computers & Peripherals: PCs, main frames, modems, printers, monitors, terminals, tape drives, CD-ROM drives, floppy disk drives, plotters, mouse, keyboards, scanners, cables

Office Equipment & Products: Telephones, phone systems, answering machines, fax machines, copy machines, cellular phones, pagers, postage machines

Small Home Appliances, Home Improvement Products: Microwave ovens, hair dryers, circuit breaker boxes, rechargeable batteries, power tools, electronic motors, wire, toasters, coffee makers (no glass), blenders and mixers (no glass)

Home Entertainment & Other Items: TVs, VCRs, DVD players, stereo equipment, joy sticks, cameras, camcorders, video game players

Items Not Accepted

Large appliances, hazardous and chemical waste. All items should be delivered unboxed and free of excess packaging materials.

Bulk Recycling

If you have more than 50 items (3 pallets or greater) please contact eWorks at (217) 364-7543 to arrange for a special pickup.

Additional Resources

Electronics recycling is also available through participating retailers, area one-day collection events or directly through an area electronics recycler. Please call these recyclers for specific program information.