GIS Maps

The City of Naperville began developing its Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology in 1994. GIS and related-technologies help city staff manage new development and changes in our infrastructure and natural environment. Visitors may access city GIS data through Internet-based applications and traditional maps.

Public-Facing GIS Applications

The following is a list of public-facing GIS applications that the City of Naperville currently provides.

Garbage and Recycling Collection Map

Contact: Desiree Poole
The Garbage and Recycling Collection Map allows the public to see whether or not they receive garbage/recycling collection service from the City and on what day pick-up occurs. Links to service provider phone numbers and garbage/recycling cart ordering information is provided. 

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Map

The Emerald Ash Borer Map tracks the progress of EAB treatments for the City’s parkway ash trees. Users can view the status of treatment at a neighborhood level, see the treatment history of specific trees, as well as view size and species information for all parkway trees.

Snow Removal Map

Contact: Desiree Poole

The Snow Removal Map is updated during winter weather events to show the de-icing and snow removal efforts on City-maintained streets. This map does not guarantee road safety.

Your Place - Residential and Zoning Information

Contact: Eva Cancino
Your Place is an interactive mapping application that allows users to select a location on the map, or enter an address or property pin in order to be provided with property details and a Parcel Report that includes but is not limited to: school districts, trash pickup days, zoning information, polling place locations, police beats, and legislative districts.

Survey Monument Viewer

Contact: Eva Cancino
The Survey Monument Viewer allows users to explore geodetic monument data located within the City. The Monuments are permanently placed survey markers with a known position and elevation which provides the horizontal and vertical land control for land surveying.

Leaf Pickup

Contact:  Desiree Poole
The Leaf Collection Map shows the areas where bulk curbside leaf collection will occur, weather permitting. The weekly schedule, progression and completion is displayed on the map for each cycle. 

The Leaf History Report is a live report that shows how many leaves the City has collected from Naperville neighborhoods from 2010 to 2020.

For more information about the bulk curbside leaf collection program, please visit the Leaf Collection page on the City’s website. 

Brush Pickup

Contact: Desiree Poole
The Brush Collection Map shows the areas and dates the City of Naperville Public Works Department will provide free curbside residential brush collection for tree and shrub branches each year beginning in mid-May. The weekly schedule, progression and completion is displayed on the map. Please read and follow the guidelines for brush collection on the City’s website.

Stormwater Viewer

Contact: Desiree Poole
The Stormwater Utility Atlas displays the City’s Stormwater networks, allowing you to view pipe widths, lengths, manholes, and drainage features (such as catch basins and inlets).  The information in this map should be used as reference only.

Lead Service Line Inventory

Contact: Lauryn Castagna
Based on IEPA requirements and lead service line regulations, the City keeps an inventory of all lead services that exist in the City.  The information in this map should be used as reference only.

GIS Data

GIS Data is available, free of charge, through the

Naperville Map Portal

GPS Base Station

In order to ensure the accuracy of our GIS data, the City of Naperville, in cooperation with DuPage County, maintains a Global Positioning System (GPS) base station. The base station allows GPS work to be done in real time with accuracy of less than three centimeters horizontally and vertically.

Visit the DuPage County GIS Open Data site.