Leaf Collection

Special Leaf Collection for Residents South of 95th Street  - Updated June 1, 2019

Groot will continue to pick up bagged leaves due to the Memorial Day storm for residents who live south of 111th Street on Monday, June 3. Groot was unable to complete collection on Saturday. To take part in this special collection, please have your bagged leaves at the curb by 6 a.m. on Monday, June 3 for collection by Groot. No stickers are required. 

If residents have large limbs, twigs or other brush debris from the recent storm, they can discard these items through the annual curbside bulk brush collection program, which is currently underway and is continuing as scheduled in the southern portion of the City over the next few weeks. A full collection schedule and program information is available at www.naperville.il.us/brushcollection. Please note:

  • If you have Thursday garbage collection, your bulk brush collection week is June 3-7.
  • If you have Friday garbage collection, your bulk brush collection week is June 10-14.

The May 27 storms did NOT impact the bulk brush collection program; collection is progressing as scheduled.

Leaf Collection Options

The City offers two leaf collection options:

  1. Free bagged (no sticker required) leaf collection program - allows residents to dispose of bagged leaves and yard waste weekly from October 29, 2018 - December 14, 2018.
  2. Bulk curbside collection - every neighborhood has three leaf disposal opportunities each autumn

The burning of leaves is not permitted within City limits, but residents can mulch and compost leaves, grass clips, etc.

Free Bagged Leaf and Yard Waste Collection Program

From October 29, through December 14, 2018, the City offers a free leaf and yard waste collection program.  During this time, homeowners may dispose of yard waste and leaves in 32 gallon paper yard waste bags or clearly labeled cans or carts, free of charge.  Branches and other yard waste that are tied into bundles require a sticker at all times. 

To participate, fill 32-gallon paper yard waste bags, clearly labeled 32-gallon trash cans or clearly labeled two-wheeled carts with leaves and other yard waste and place the receptacle at the curb by 6 a.m. on your normal trash collection day. There is a 60 pound maximum per bag. (Don't forget that wet leaves add to the weight of the bag.)

Prior to October 29, a yard waste sticker is required on each bag, bundle, can or cart placed out for collection. Stickers cost $2.10 and can be purchased at many Naperville stores or in the Finance Department at the Municipal Center. Paper yard waste bags are available at local grocery and hardware stores. The City does not provide leaf bags.

"Yard Waste Only" labels are available at the Public Works Service Center, 180 Fort Hill Drive, for purposes of clearly labeling receptacles containing yard waste. Use of these labels are not required, but receptacles must be clearly labeled "Yard Waste Only" in some way. 

All yard waste collection ends for the year on December 14, 2018. This includes the city's yard waste/organics collection program that allows residents to bypass bagging and stickers by utilizing a provided cart to dispose of food waste/organics and yard waste for a monthly fee paid to Waste Management.

Bulk Curbside Leaf Collection Program

The City's curbside leaf collection schedule provides every neighborhood with three leaf collection opportunities, weather permitting, each year. To participate, residents rake leaves into the street next to the curb in front of their house, avoiding storm drains, at the beginning of each leaf collection cycle.

Collection cycles for 2018 begin on:

  • Monday, October 15
  • Monday, October 29
  • Monday, November 12

 Please note:

  • Crews will collect leaves in front of each home once during each two-week collection cycle.  For example, residents must rake leaves into the street by 6 a.m. October 15; however, crews may not reach your neighborhood to pick up leaves until October 26.
  • Snow, rain or freezing weather may significantly delay or permanently halt curbside leaf collection, as the same equipment that removes leaves is used to handle deicing and snowplowing. If snow falls or is forecast, remaining leaves should be disposed of through the City's weekly yard waste collection program. 
  • Collection on a certain day can't be guaranteed.
  • Only place leaves in leaf piles. Items such as branches, twigs, lumber, rocks, Halloween decorations, etc., can cause the equipment to break down, which delays the collection process and increases costs.
  • Rake leaves away from storm drains in the street to prevent flooding.
  • Street sweeping will begin after curbside leaf collection ends, weather permitting. Residents may choose to sweep up leaf debris and include it in the weekly yard waste collection program.

 Infographic showing leaf collection cycle