Safety is the #1 Lesson

Safety is the #1 Lesson

Naperville Electric Utility linemen participate in annual pole top rescue scenarios. They practice the proper procedures in carrying out this lifesaving task from atop a pole and while operating a bucket truck. They learn how to save a fellow lineman in the event that a coworker fell ill or suffered an injury while working on a utility pole.

Electrical Safety

The Naperville Electric Utility encourages its customers to make safety around electrical equipment a priority, whether they are at home, at the office, in school or outside. Always be aware of your surroundings and stay safe!

Attention Contractors

Please take a moment to view the utility's Electric Service Rules and Entrance Requirements to help you complete your job.

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94% of Naperville's Electrical Cable is Underground

Did you know?

94% of Naperville's Electrical Cable is Underground

One of the factors contributing to Naperville's reliability is that the majority of its electrical cable is underground. In 2017, customers could expect to be without power for a total of 22 minutes.

Department of Public Utilities - Electric

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