Electrical Cable Injection Project

The City of Naperville’s Department of Public Utilities – Electric will continue a project to upgrade the aging electrical cable in several subdivisions. The work is scheduled to begin again Monday, April 5, 2021 and last until Friday, April 16, weather permitting. The area where the work will take place is bounded by Maplefield on the north, Naperville/Plainfield Road on the west, Shepherd Drive on the east and Eddystone Circle/Cardiff Road to the south.

Novinium logoThe Electric Utility is working with a company called Novinium that will test and fill the cracks, which have developed over time in the protective insulation of underground electrical cables. This injection process will extend the life of the cable for a minimum of 20 years and will help prevent future cable failures and power outages. It is a cost-effective measure in maintaining the reliability and longevity of the underground electrical system.

Subdivisions were chosen that had the highest failure rate of underground cables due to several factors including age, soil composition and water table height.

Please be aware that utility workers will be accessing residents’ yards during this project. There are some locations where trees have been planted in the utility easements. Homeowners whose trees need to be trimmed to allow access for utility workers will be notified prior to the work being done.