Affordable Senior and Individuals With Developmental Disabilities Housing Project

an aerial view of the property to be developed with the parcel in question outlined


To increase the supply of affordable housing within Naperville for seniors 62 and older, as well as for individuals 21 and older with intellectual and developmental disabilities, the City issued a request for proposals by which interested developers could seek to acquire and develop approximately 6.1 acres of property owned by the City (the "project"). The land being developed is located south of 103rd Street and east of Illinois Route 59.

Two firms were selected as the final candidates to develop the project: Gorman & Company, LLC and Mercy Housing-Lakefront. However, in mid-June 2022, Mercy Housing-Lakefront advised the City that it would not seek to develop the project. At its June 21, 2022, meeting, City Council approved major business terms for the project between the City and remaining firm Gorman & Company, LLC.

On Sept. 20, 2022 City Council selected Gorman & Company, LLC as its development partner to create affordable senior and IDD housing southwest of the intersection of IL Route 59 and 103rd St. The vote was a unanimous 9-0 decision in favor of approving major business terms crafted to outline key project features, timelines and expectations.

The next step is for Gorman & Company to secure funding (e.g., grants) and entitlements (e.g. zoning).