Solar Panel Guidelines

Looking to Install Solar Panels?

If you are considering solar panels, here are the steps to take prior to installation to make sure all safety requirements and applicable codes are met.

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Customers with solar panels installed will be able to participate in Net Metering, which is an arrangement by which excess energy generated by a renewable energy system is distributed back to the electric grid. Customers will see a credit on their utility bill when this happens.

Naperville Electric Utility Service Rules and Regulations states that all customer-owned generation equipment, including traditional combustion, photovoltaic (PV), wind, or any alternate means of electric energy generation must meet the appropriate national electrical standards (NEC, NESC, etc.), local codes (building, fire, etc.), and all applicable permits must be obtained by the customer.

Read this important information about the State of Illinois Solar Power Incentive Program.

For more information, contact Technical Specialist Ron Ritter with the Naperville Electric Utility at or (630) 420-4183.