Electric Vehicle Charging Systems


As electric vehicles become more affordable and more drivers are considering their impact on the environment, it's likely you'll be seeing an increase in the number of electric cars and electric vehicle charging stations around the city. Here are some important tips to consider before making the decision to purchase an electric/hybrid vehicle.

What To Know Before Installation

Before purchasing an electric/hybrid vehicle, understanding and preparing for the possible impact a new charging system may have on your home or business’s electrical system and the Naperville Electric Utility system must be an important factor in your decision-making process. Any customer improvements to a home or business’s electrical wiring and any needed Electric Utility improvements to provide power to a new electric vehicle charging system are done at the expense of the customer. A City of Naperville Building Permit, accompanied by a completed Residential Load Calculation Worksheet, will be required for any wiring upgrades.

Single Family & Townhome Installation

A reputable electrical contractor or electrician will need to inspect your home’s electrical wiring to assess what impact the electric vehicle charging system may have on the existing electrical wiring. Depending upon the age and size of your home’s electrical system and the make and model of the vehicle you plan to purchase, significant electrical wiring upgrades may be needed, which are the customer’s responsibility.

We highly recommend that you contact the Naperville Electric Utility early in your decision-making process. The local electric facilities were designed and installed at the time your home was constructed. Depending upon the make and model of the vehicle you plan to purchase, charging options may be limited due to existing infrastructure limitations.    

Apartment & Condominium Buildings 

Installing an electric vehicle charging system(s) in these types of residential buildings may become moderately complicated, so it is advisable that the apartment management/owner and representatives from the condominium association contact the Naperville Electric Utility early in the project planning process. 

Commercial, Industrial, Retail & Restaurant Buildings

Installing an electric vehicle charging system(s) in these types of nonresidential buildings is generally an uncomplicated task. It is advisable to contact the Naperville Electric Utility to discuss the project prior to applying for a building permit.

For more information, contact Ron Ritter, Technical Specialist with the Naperville Electric Utility, at (630) 420-4183 or ritterr@naperville.il.us.

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