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Sign up for a referral code, invite your family and friends to adopt a drain and get rewarded!  Learn more below. 

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The Public Works Department has long identified clogged storm drains as one of the major causes of roadway flooding in the City. On Oct. 1, the City officially launched the Adopt-a-Drain volunteer program in which participants “adopt” one of the 22,000 eligible storm drains around Naperville and commit to keeping it free of debris to maintain a safe and clean environment.

While drainage improvement projects are in place to make the City more flood resilient, with over 56,000 storm sewer drains in Naperville, it is difficult for Public Works employees to clear all the clogged storm drains in a timely manner, especially when there are imminent threats during a storm. With the help of volunteers, the chances of localized flooding after a storm, water pollution and drain maintenance costs, which are approximately $1.1 million per year, could be greatly reduced. 

About the Program

Through the Adopt A Drain program, members of the community can quickly and easily assist the Public Works Department in keeping the city beautiful and clean. 

Participants, a.k.a "Drain Defenders," will be responsible for inspecting the drain they adopt and the area around it, removing leaves and other debris from both the drain grate and the surrounding area, and disposing of any leaves and debris in the appropriate waste receptacle before a predicted storm and an additional four times a year.

Once registered, Drain Defenders receive a welcome packet with information about the program and instructions about how to clean the drains, a quarterly newsletter and an alert via email before predicted storms reminding them to clean their drain.

How to Adopt
  1. Visit the Adopt A Drain interactive map
  2. Enter an email address into the sign-up field.
  3. The system will then ask for the following information:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Team Name (You can choose a team name (optional) if you are representing a group that will be working together such as a neighborhood organization or scouts.)
    • Subdivision Name (optional)
  4. Once signed up, you will receive a login link via email. This email also includes a link to the Adopt A Drain informational packet.
  5. Click the link to access the Adopt-a-Drain map. 
  6. Next, select a drain. We recommend selecting a drain that is close to your home or business for convenience. 
  7. Next, name your drain. Have fun with this, but please be appropriate and respectful! 
  8. After you name your drain, hit the "adopt" button. 
  9. One you click adopt you will be prompted to accept or decline a liability waiver. You must agree before completing the adoption process. If you choose to decline the agreement terms, you will not be able to continue and will not be able to participate in the program.

Adopters should refer to the informational packet included in the welcome email for information about when and how to clean their drain. We highly encourage adopters to use the Adopt A Drain application (map) to submit a photo of their drain, report an issue with their drain and report the storm drain as having been cleaned. If you decide you no longer want to participate in the program, simply sign in to the application and select "abandon drain." 

Refer A Friend

NEW! Sign up for a referral code, invite your family and friends to adopt a drain and get rewarded!  

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Am I eligible to make referrals?

You can participate in the Refer A Friend program if:

  • you are an existing drain defender and care for at least one drain.
  • you have been provided a referral code and are not a current member of the program.

The Refer A Friend program is not available to:

  • residents adding a second drain to an existing account.
  • non-Naperville residents.

Who can I refer and what do they need to do?

You can refer anyone who is not already a member of the program. For the referral to qualify, your friends/family must enter your referral code into the referral field when registering for their new Adopt A Drain account.

How many people can I refer?

As many as you think will participate in the program! Participants will gain one entry into a drawing for a monthly prize each time their code is used.

Steps for Referred Friends and Family

If you've been referred to the Adopt A Drain program through the Refer A Friend Program, follow the instructions in the HOW TO APPLY section of this webpage.

Use your referral code

Why Adopt?

Adopting a drain is one of the many ways you can keep Naperville clean and prevent flooding in your neighborhood streets! Reasons to adopt include: 

  1. Help keep the streets flood free.
  2. Leaves, grass clippings, trash, and other debris can prevent water from draining, leading to flooding of the streets.
  3. Adopting is a great opportunity to take leadership in your community.
  4. Adopting a drain is a great way for volunteer groups to get involved, and an easy way to get community service. The city would love your help!
  5. Help keep our waterways clean and protect our aquatic wildlife.
  6. Trash that flows into the drains may end up in the local rivers, endangering wildlife.

Use the Adopt-a-Drain map to find and adopt a storm drain near you!

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