Maintenance and Landscaping

Parkways are city rights-of-way and contains various buried utilities. In most residential areas, the parkway is the land between the curb and sidewalk.

Residents are responsible for mowing and maintaining their parkway. If a home is on a corner lot or backs to another roadway, residents are required to mow the parkway on the side or rear of their home, even if the parkway is behind a fence. They are also required to shovel snow from the sidewalk.

Residents may plant parkway trees with a permit and put up a mailbox in the parkway. Trees or shrubbery planted on corner lots require special considerations, and restrictions apply to landscaping in a triangular area on corner lots. Street intersection landscaping requires frequent trimming or removal if growth will obscure motorist's vision.

Obstacles like boulders and brick mailboxes in parkways are prohibited.

Tree Trimming

The City handles the trimming of parkway trees, which is currently on a seven-year cycle. The tree trimming program is intended to promote healthy, safe and attractive growth of these trees, which includes any planted in the parkway by the City or private homeowners. Trained City personnel follow the most up-to-date techniques for trimming, including non-flush cutting of limbs.

The City trims to a level of 12 feet over the curb line to provide enough clearance for truck traffic. In more developed areas which contain mature trees, the City concentrates on removing dead tree limbs.