Arbor Day Tree Sale

Each year, the City of Naperville holds an Arbor Day Tree Sale in which residents can choose from a number of different species of container-grown trees for use in beautifying their yards and sustaining the environment. About 500 trees are typically available for purchase, including various maples, oaks and elms.

The City's 33rd annual Arbor Day Tree Sale will tentatively take place in April 2024. An exact date will be shared once determined. 

Purchase a Rain Barrel

The City, in partnership with the Conservation Foundation and Upcycle Products, continues to promote using rain barrels as a free irrigation option. Rain barrels are used to capture rainwater from your roof for reuse in watering garden spaces. Rainwater is better for plants and soil because it is free from the salts, ions and fluoride found in tap water. Just as importantly, rain barrels capture water that otherwise would run off and could harm streams and rivers.

To order a rain barrel for pick-up or delivery, visit Upcycle Products.

Order A Rain Barrel