Online Reporting System

The Naperville Police Department encourages you to use our online reporting system to file non-emergency police reports. This simple online system gives you the ability to submit reports to our department at a time that’s convenient for you while also freeing up patrol officers to answer emergency calls and conduct proactive patrols.

Here are the types of incidents you CAN report online:

  • Lost or Stolen Property

Examples: Driver’s license, identification card, passport, purse, wallet, keys, medication, yard signs/flags, delivered packages, license plates, jewelry, garbage bin, cell phone, laptop, etc.

  • Civil Matters

Examples: Verbal arguments (not domestic in nature), child custody issues, neighborhood disputes, etc.

  • Criminal Damage to Property

Examples: Damage to vehicles not as a result of an accident (e.g., broken windows, slashed tires and keyed vehicle), damaged mailboxes/posts, broken windows, damaged yard decorations, etc.

  • Nuisances

Examples: Abandoned vehicles, overnight parking complaints, ordinance violations (e.g., damage to street signs, burned out street lights and overgrown yards), etc.

  • Identity Theft

Examples: Unauthorized use of your personal information to open accounts, unlawful use of a credit card, etc.

In some circumstances, it would not be appropriate to use the online reporting system because the nature of the call merits an officer’s response. Here are a few instances in which you should NOT use the online reporting system:

  • Emergencies

  • Domestic Arguments or Batteries

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents

  • Hit-and-Run Involving a Vehicle

  • Burglary to a Motor Vehicle (Note: This is when unlawful entry is made to a vehicle and property is stolen from inside.)

  • Any In-progress Incident (Examples: Loud parties, barking dogs, speeding vehicles, etc.)

  • Assault or Battery (Note: This includes any incident where someone is struck by another person, whether injury occurred or not. This includes domestic related battery.)

  • Incidents occurring outside of the City of Naperville

  • Incidents that have already been documented by the Naperville Police Department. (Note: To add information to an existing report, locate the original report number and notify the officer who took the initial report or our front desk officers at (630) 420-6666.)

File a Report Now

Remember: For your safety, do not use this system to report in-progress or emergency incidents. Call 9-1-1.