Online Reporting System

The Naperville Police Department offers an online reporting service to allow citizens to file a police report for non-emergency incidents at any hour of the day or night. This online reporting system enhances the public's ability to interact with the Naperville Police Department and frees up patrol officers for emergency calls.

The Naperville Police Department is accepting the following types of electronic reports:

  • Civil matter of record
  • Criminal damage to property under $300
  • Dumping/littering
  • Lost property
  • Nuisance complaint
  • Theft of property under $300

In order to use this system, you must be able to answer "yes" to all of these questions:

  • Is this event NOT an emergency?
  • Did this event occur in the Naperville city limits?
  • Are there no known suspects?

If you are able to answer "yes" to all the questions above, continue to the Naperville Police Department Online Reporting System.

Online Reporting

File a police report online at any hour of the day or night for 1) non-emergency incidents 2) that happened within Naperville city limits and 3) for which there are no known suspects.

File a police report

Remember, filing a false police report is a crime.