Active Shooter Response Training

The Naperville Police Department offers free training to Naperville businesses, schools, houses of worship, corporations and other community groups to teach citizens proactive safety and response tactics when encountered with an aggressive intruder or active shooter.

According to the FBI’s “A Study of Active Shooter Incidents in the United States Between 2000 and 2013,” 69% of active shooter incidents in the United States lasted less than five minutes and 60% of incidents ended before police arrived. These statistics indicate that in the event of a critical incident, citizens must not wait for police to arrive. They must act to increase their chances of survival.

Naperville’s free active shooter response training is led by certified instructors that can:

  • provide an overview of the history and prevalence of active shooter events,
  • teach proactive safety and response tactics,
  • assist in the review of response plans,
  • lead tabletop exercises to identify potential hurdles and solutions for your group, and
  • conduct functional drills to test comprehension and response.

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