Firearm Take Back Program

The Naperville Police Department provides the Firearm Take Back Program for Naperville residents to rid their homes of unwanted guns, thereby eliminating the risk of theft, misuse or accidental discharge. When the program guidelines are followed, residents are able to dispose of firearms without fear of criminal charges.

In addition to all firearms, we will accept junk, non-working, antique, replica, pellet and BB guns.

The following protocol MUST be followed to bring a firearm to the Naperville Police Department, 1350 Aurora Ave., during the hours of 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday, or from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturdays, excluding holidays.

  • You MUST call (630) 420-6666 to make an appointment for the drop-off or pick-up of the unwanted firearm(s).
  • The firearm MUST be delivered unloaded.
  • When possible, firearms should first be put in a clear plastic bag, sealed in some manner, and then the bagged gun must be put into another container (gym bag, backpack, etc.) that is not see-through. This is especially important with handguns. Long guns should be transported in a proper case or wrapped in a blanket, tarp or something similar.
  • The packaged firearm should be left in your vehicle when you arrive at the police department. Officers at the police department will retrieve it.
  • If depositing ammunition, it must be delivered in a separate bag.
  • If transporting a firearm by vehicle, the firearm must be transported in the trunk or cargo area of the vehicle by somebody legally authorized to possess firearms (example – 18 years of age or older with a valid Firearms Owner Identification Card – FOID).
  • If you are not authorized to possess a gun and do not have a FOID card, please do not transport the gun to the police department. Call the Naperville Police Department non-emergency number, (630) 420-6666, to arrange for a private pick-up.

When a firearm is turned in, its serial number will be run through a law enforcement database to ensure it has not been reported stolen or used in a crime. The firearm will then be turned over to a certified vendor that specializes in destroying firearms or converted to department use for training.

The Naperville Police Department will not arrest you for unlawful possession of an illegal firearm if you are surrendering the firearm in compliance with the guidelines of this program. However, amnesty will not be given for any crime committed with that firearm or for any crime committed while in possession of that firearm. If protocol is not followed, or if Naperville Police find you with a weapon and determine you are not participating in the program, Naperville Police may make an arrest for possession of a weapon.

If you have questions about this program, please call the Naperville Police Department non-emergency number at (630) 420-6666.