Citizen Police Academy

The Citizen Police Academy is a program designed to give participants a working knowledge of the Naperville Police Department. It consists of a series of classes, discussions and hands-on demonstrations that are held once a week from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. for nine (9) weeks. Classes are limited to 25 students.

The classes provide an in-depth view into various areas of law enforcement. It is an educational and informative program that allows citizens the opportunity to learn about the issues that affect law enforcement efforts in the City of Naperville.


The Citizen Police Academy is designed to help the residents of Naperville better understand how the police work in their community. It is hoped that all graduates of the Citizen Police Academy will get to know more about the men and women who are protecting their community and why they make the decisions they do while performing that duty. When residents take a more personal interest in their city, and the protection of their community and neighborhoods, they will enjoy a safer and closer relationship with their neighbors. The Citizen Police Academy will allow them to have a more interactive association with the police department.

Upcoming Academy

The Naperville Police Department is not currently running a Citizen Police Academy. Please check back later in 2018 for more information.

Instruction consists of classroom lectures, interactive discussions and hands-on demonstrations focusing on various aspects of police work, including forensics, investigations, patrol and special response, among others. Course content and activities dictate that class size is limited to 25 participants. All classes are free and are held at the Naperville Police Department.


Individuals who apply for the Citizen Police Academy must be 18 years of age and reside in the City of Naperville. Applicants will also be subjected to a criminal background investigation.

To apply, complete the following forms and return the signed documents to Deputy Chief Jason Arres by email at, at fax number (630) 420-4096, or through the mail or in person at the Naperville Police Department, 1350 Aurora Avenue, Naperville, IL 60540.

2017 Citizen Police Academy Application

2017 Citizen Police Academy Background Waiver