Hire an Officer

Naperville Police Officers can be hired by third parties to perform the following police duties:

  • Traffic control and pedestrian safety,
  • Crowd control,
  • Security and protection of life and property,
  • Routine law enforcement for public authorities, and
  • Plainclothes assignments.

This is called extra-duty employment. By filling out the below form, government, profit-making or not-for-profit entities may request to contract with the Naperville Police Department for purposes of hiring Naperville police officers for extra-duty employment.

The current (2023) hourly rate for an officer is $86.29. The current (2023) hourly rate for a sergeant is $103.27. Hourly rates are set annually based upon the Fraternal Order of Police and Metropolitan Alliance of Police union contracts. Per police policy, when seven or more officers are engaged in extra-duty employment at the same time and at the same event, an officer of the rank of sergeant or higher must be present.

If an event is cancelled, it is the responsibility of the requestor to contact BOTH HireNPD@naperville.il.us AND (630) 420-6147 to inform Naperville PD that their presence is no longer required.

To request hiring an officer or officers for extra-duty employment, please complete the following form. This request must be submitted at least 3 business days prior to the event.


Will Alcohol Be Served?
Is this a recurring event that we might expect you to submit additional requests for in the future?


Type of Service(s) Requested
Will a Squad Car Be Needed?