Special Events Permit and Planning Procedures

All outdoor events held on city property, e.g. streets, sidewalks, parks, etc., and/or deemed to significantly impact the city are considered special events.

An event that requests any of the following actions, which must be approved by City Council, will be considered a special event:

  • Events requiring street closures (with the exception of block parties).
  • Events that require the closure of parking facilities and/or the use of city-owned property.
  • Events that require the posting of "No Parking, Tow Zones."

Special Events Permit Process

The Special Events Application process is now open.  Applications for 2021 will be accepted starting on June 15 2020 and closing on Monday, July 20, 2020

If your special event meets the criteria above, the event is required to obtain a Special Event Permit.

All event organizers interested in hosting a special event in Naperville must submit the completed permit application to the Special Events Coordinator. 

The City of Naperville currently has a waiting list for all new major events (i.e. events requiring street closures, no parking/tow zones, or the use of city staff). New event requests will be considered for the 2020 Special Events Calendar if an opening occurs.

Special Events Resource Guide

To assist in planning special events, the city developed the Special Events Resource Guide. The guide, which will be updated periodically, provides event organizers with the information necessary to meet the City of Naperville's requirements to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for residents and visitors alike.

  • Special Event Resource Guide (PDF) UPDATED GUIDE COMING SOON

Special Events Accessibility Checklist

The City of Naperville strives to ensure that individuals with disabilities have equal opportunities to access and enjoy special events held in Naperville.  As part of the City of Naperville Special Events Resources Guide, this checklist helps determine if a special event is accessible.

All indoor and outdoor sites for special events must be accessible to persons with disabilities.  In planning an event, it is advisable to review the American’s with Disabilities Act and the Illinois Accessibility Code.

Always remember that when planning your event, persons who may attend the event are often unfamiliar with local directions, resources, and services. The city’s ADA webpage is a good resource for event organizers to utilize when planning a special event.

Special Events Cultural Amenities Grant

The City of Naperville encourages celebrations of community and cultural opportunities that focus on the heritage, diversity and character of the city. In support of these activities, the City of Naperville offers funds for the purpose of aiding eligible organizations in providing new and continued cultural experiences.