Liquor Commission

Meeting Cancelation

The July 5 meeting has been canceled. The  next meeting is scheduled for August 9, 2018.

The City of Naperville’s Liquor and Tobacco Control Commissioner Mayor Steve Chirico is charged with the administration of the State of Illinois’ Liquor Control Act, the City of Naperville’s Liquor Code and the rules and regulations of the Liquor Control Commission. At the direction of the Liquor Commissioner, the Liquor Commission reviews applications and makes recommendations for licenses, conducts disciplinary hearings and submits findings and recommendations to the Liquor Commissioner. The commission also sends recommendations on liquor policy and procedure changes to the City Council. No member of the commission, or their spouse, parent, sibling or child, shall have any ownership interest in, or be employed by, any licensed establishment.

Liquor Concept Committee

The Liquor Concept Committee is comprised of staff members having technical expertise in areas pertinent to liquor licensing. This Committee reviews new liquor businesses, changes to an existing business, ownership changes and special events involving liquor. Recommendations from the Concept Committee are forwarded to the Liquor Commissioner and the Liquor Commission.

The Committee meets monthly and businesses must submit a completed Liquor Concept Pre-Application form seven (7) days prior to the meeting.

For meeting dates or to submit a Liquor Concept Pre-Application, call (630) 420-6018 or email

Meeting Information

Meetings of the Liquor Commission are held on the first Thursday after the first Tuesday of each month at 3 p.m., unless otherwise noted.

Beginning with the October 5, 2017 meeting, all meeting agendas, packets and minutes for the Liquor Commission are available on the City's Board and Commission Meeting Documents page 

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