Boards and Commissions Application Process

Residents interested in serving on a board or commission must complete an online application. If an application is started but not completed, the applicant will receive multiple reminders from the software system Naperville uses to complete the application. A reminder email also informs the applicant that the system will delete the application if it is not completed within 15 days of starting. Applicants can delete the application at any point before submitting it. For more information or assistance with the application process, including the need for a non-digital application, please get in touch with the Mayor’s Office at 630-548-2983.

Applications are considered active for 18 months. After 18 months, applications are automatically archived by the system. Applicants are notified when applying that their applications will be kept for 18 months. Applicants are notified via email after 18 months that their application is no longer active, at which time they must reapply if they wish to remain considered for open vacancies.

Applicants can submit for consideration for up to three boards, regardless of whether vacancies exist on that board. As vacancies occur, the Mayor reviews the currently active applications for that specific board or commission and others in the community who may be interested in serving. Upon review, the Mayor will interview selected candidates for each board or commission seat with a focus on interest, experience, specific skills of the board/seat, and enhancing diversity (geography, age, gender, race/ethnicity). The Mayor includes City Council liaisons, department directors and staff liaisons in the appointment process.  Candidates should be well-prepared to share their interest in serving on a board or commission and what steps they have taken to prepare for the role.

After selecting a proposed candidate, the Mayor’s Office will transmit the recommended appointment to the City Council with the application at least two weeks prior to the agenda date when the appointment would be considered. During those two weeks, Council members can discuss appointments with the Mayor. The appointment will be considered during a public City Council meeting. Additionally, City Council members can view board and commission applications upon request at any time.

Current and Upcoming Vacancies

Applications may be submitted for any board/commission even if there is not a current vacancy. To apply, click on the board or commission name to be taken to that particular webpage and click on the "Apply" button.