Human Rights and Fair Housing Commission

Commission Updates

At the Dec. 15 2020 meeting, City Council passed an ordinance that expands the role of and replaces the Housing Advisory Commission with the Human Rights and Fair Housing Commission. The ordinance also repeals and expands the current fair housing ordinance and creates a new Human Rights and Fair Housing ordinance.

The Human Rights and Fair Housing Commission will continue to serve as an advisory role to the City on fair and affordable housing issues and will expand its role to human rights issues, including recommending policies and programs. In addition, the commission will be the City’s single intake point for all discrimination complaints regardless of category (public accommodation or housing) or protected class and will provide community outreach and engagement on fair and affordable housing and human rights.

These changes are the latest in several substantial efforts made in recent years to focus on diversity, equity and inclusion. Other efforts include the revising of the City’s mission statement in 2019 to emphasize diversity and inclusiveness in the community and the hiring of a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager. View the ordinance here.


Tenants seeking information about “do’s and don’ts” for renting may wish to review the Renter’s Handbook prepared by and made available from Prairie State Legal Services.

Rental Regulations: The City of Naperville does not currently require the registration or licensing of landlords renting property within City limits. The City has a voluntary Crime-Free Multi-Housing Program