Fastrack Program

The Naperville Police Department has combined "tried and true" radio technology with specially-trained response team members to build an effective, life-saving program to locate missing persons with communication or other difficulties. Called Fastrack, this program has proven itself nationally to be reliable, responsive, practical and affordable.

Program Background

Clients who are part of the Fastrack Program wear a personalized wristband that emits a continual silent tracking signal. The signal can be tracked on the ground or in the air over several miles. When caregivers notify the Naperville Police Department that a client is missing, a search and rescue team responds and begins tracking the client with a mobile tracking system, reducing search times from hours and days to minutes.

Fastrack emphasizes relationships between the search team members and the people who wander before the need may arise for a rescue. Team members conduct home visits to maintain equipment and support the client's family and are trained, not only in the use of the tracking equipment, but also in techniques used in communicating with disoriented persons. Fastrack team members are skilled in how to approach, gain trust and comfort a person who has wandered.

Eligible Clients

Those who are eligible for the Fastrack Program are:

  • Naperville residents of any age
  • Individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease, Down Syndrome or Autism or who are at risk of wandering with communication difficulties
  • Individuals who have a full-time caregiver


Jim Pacetti

Crime Prevention Specialist
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