Internship Program

The Naperville Police Department feels that modern Law Enforcement is both an expanding and inclusive field that should be offered to more than just Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice majors.

The Naperville Police Department accepts several full-time and part-time interns per semester. All internships with the Naperville Police Department are unpaid internships.

Post-graduate applicants and other professionals that may be considering a career change to the field of law enforcement are also strongly encouraged to apply and possibly participate in the internship program. 

Thank you for your interest in the Naperville Police Department.

Application Submission Requirements

All candidates should complete and submit a written application indicating consideration, by year, prior to one of the three terms:

  • Winter/spring semester internship (January through May)
    Application submission deadline: December 1

  • Summer semester internship (May through August) 
    Application submission deadline: March 1

  • Fall semester internship (August through December) 
    Application submission deadline: July 1

Once received, applications will be reviewed and viable candidates will then be contacted by the Training Unit to arrange the possibility of proceeding in the selection process.

Required Forms and Documents
  • A resume and cover letter indicating the desired internship term.
  • If the internship is required for college credit, a letter of recommendation, proof of enrollment and academic requirements from the applicant’s college or university.
  • Internship Application (PDF)
  • Internship Background Waiver (PDF)

All required forms and documents MUST be submitted by the application deadline. Failure to submit required documentation will result in removal from the application process.

Application and Interview Process

Once the application is received and reviewed, candidates who are determined to be viable candidates should expect to participate in the following steps before staff determines whether the candidate will be accepted into the program:

  • To further gauge your interest, we provide a unique opportunity to experience a “typical day” of the internship. This job-shadow will allow you to see what the internship will entail through hands-on, up-close contact to the work. This could involve exposure to physical fitness, firearms, scenario-based and tactical training and could last anywhere from two to six hours. The current department interns will be your liaisons throughout the day.
  • To measure your ability to physically handle the work, you will be required to participate in a POWER test. If you have any questions about this physical fitness test, watch this video.

The inability to pass any part of the POWER test will not automatically remove you from consideration for the program, but it will be used as a key factor in the selection process. You are also not required to present medical clearance to participate in the POWER test but must be in good health to do so. Furthermore, if you possess a valid POWER test card, that can be submitted in place of taking the test. 

  • A panel interview, conducted with members of NPD. 
  • A criminal background check and fingerprinting.

With the volume of applications that we regularly receive, it’s important to understand the competitive nature of the applicant selection process for this internship. Be advised that each part of this process is an effective screening method that allows us to evaluate your motivation and ability to participate. All of these steps will be strongly considered for further advancement.

  • Interns will be assigned to various units and sections of the Support Services, Patrol and Investigations Divisions during the internship. Our goal is to familiarize the intern with all aspects of municipal police department operations.
  • Interns may be required to perform special studies, prepare written reports, perform clerical duties, data entry, maintenance tasks, engage in physical fitness, role playing and participate in various forms of public safety related training as well as other duties that arise during the internship. Written and oral communication skills are emphasized during this program.
  • The intern will be asked to participate in special programs and will participate in a series of ride-alongs, as observers, with officers and detectives in the field.
Work Hours
  • Interns are expected to be flexible with their work hours. Days can be as short as 4 hours but as long as 12 hours.
  • Work hours will primarily be Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., but can include weekends, as well. Hours and days are adjusted as needed based on specific tasks, assignments and conditions that may affect the operation of the police department. The NPD Internship coordinators will also attempt to accommodate the intern’s schedules (student athletics and activities, employment, etc.), within reason and with as much advanced notice as possible.
  • Full-time Internships are based upon approximately 540 Hours (13 weeks).*
  • Part-time Internships are based upon approximately 280 Hours.*

*Hours are not guaranteed and are subject to the public safety needs of the Naperville Police Department.

In case you would like to conduct a ride-along in the meantime, that form is also available (PDF).

Other Requirements
  • Interns are subject to all rules, regulations, policies and procedures of the Naperville Police Department.
  • Once accepted for internship, the point of contact will be the Department’s Training Officers.
  • Interns must carry health and injury insurance during their internship. Such coverage is normally available from the college or university attended. Proof of medical insurance coverage must be submitted prior to the start of the internship.
Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide some details on the internship? (How long does it last? What does it involve?)

The internships typically last for one semester. NPD attempts to educate the interns on what a job in modern law enforcement is really about. They will experience all of the areas of the police department to include Patrol (all shifts and units to include traffic and K-9), Investigations (Violent Crimes, Property Crimes, Financial Crimes and Juvenile Investigations), Traffic, Crime Scene, Dispatch and SRT (SWAT). The interns are exposed to shift work, fluctuating hours and a variety of calls in order to give them the most comprehensive experience possible. They participate in training with the officers such as firearms, defensive tactics and physical fitness.

How many interns does the department have at a time?

When the program first started, NPD only took on one, maybe two interns at a time. In 2013, NPD expanded the internship program significantly. NPD sees it as a great recruiting tool and the interns get valuable experience and training from the program. Intern numbers are be based on department need for the given semester.

How is an intern chosen? How selective is the application process?

All of our intern candidates must go through a background process and an interview. They must also have the recommendation of their college and references. When interviewed NPD is looking for traits such as confidence, integrity and reliability. We want to know what the prospective Intern’s career goals are, as well as their flexibility, adaptability and level of motivation.

Why is an experience like this important to the development of an intern’s career and character?

The internships are a priceless experience for the interns. If an individual thinks that a career in Law Enforcement is in their future, they should be going into it with their eyes wide open. The internship process at NPD does just that. It exposes them to a variety of experiences that they would never receive in the classroom setting. Additionally, it puts them into contact on a daily basis with the job and with those doing the job. By having multiple interns at the same time it also creates a “cohort” environment allowing for the learning to continue outside of the actual internship. They interact with the other interns on a daily basis forming friendships and professional relationships that will be with them for the rest of their lives.

Interns that have successfully completed and graduated in good standing from the NPD Internship Program can earn preference points that may be applied to the testing process to become a police officer for the City of Naperville.


Ofc. Kevin Fasana
Training Officer
Naperville Police Department
Professional Development & Training Unit
Desk: (630) 420-8440