Animal Care and Control

Animal Care and Control

In 2015, Naperville Animal Control received 4,934 calls for service and successfully returned 83% of impounded dogs to their owners. 

Animal Control

Naperville Animal Control is a unit within the Naperville Police Department that:

  • Enforces local and state animal control and welfare laws
  • Operates a shelter for stray and non-native/exotic animals
  • Rescues animals that are stray, injured or in danger
  • Promotes responsible pet ownership and animal care through education and enforcement

Last year, Naperville Animal Control received 4,800 calls for service and fielded more than 2,100 wildlife inquiries, primarily about birds, skunks and coyotes. Of the 305 cats and dogs impounded by this unit in 2016, 161 (or 53%) were returned to their owners.

Impounded Animals

Find pictures and descriptions of animals currently impounded at Naperville Animal Care and Control. If one of these animals belongs to you, please call Naperville Animal Control at (630) 420-6178.

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