Animal Services

  • Barking dog complaints
  • Investigation of animal bites
  • Investigations of animal cruelty and neglect reports
  • Pet licensing and permits
  • Lost and found program
  • Loose animals, stray dogs
  • Pick up lost, stray and homeless animals as well as sick or injured wildlife 
  • Neighborhood issues concerning pets
  • Trap-Loan program for stray cats
  • Removal of wildlife in the living quarters of a residence (this does NOT include attics, crawlspaces, window wells or garages)

What Happens to the Animal?


  • The animal is held at Naperville Animal Care and Control Facility for at least seven (7) days for an owner to reclaim
  • Staff checks lost reports for a possible match 
  • Animal is scanned for a microchip
  • Staff checks with other local agencies for information
  • If the animal remains unclaimed after the holding period:
    • The finder of the animal may adopt or foster the animal through a local humane society
    • An animal may be placed through a local humane society or breed rescue group, dependent upon its health, temperament and availability at the shelter


  • Wildlife may be transported to Willowbrook Wildlife Center for treatment
  • The animal may be euthanized due to the extent of its injuries
  • A local rehabilitator may acquire orphan wildlife to raise and release

Become A Rescue Partner

Naperville Animal Control is in need of rescue partners that can provide placement for animals. If you're interested in partnering with us, apply today!

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