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Impounded Animals

Find pictures and descriptions of animals currently impounded at Naperville Animal Care and Control. If one of these animals belongs to you, please call Naperville Animal Control at (630) 420-6178.

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Lost Animal

Fill out a Lost Animal Report

  • Contact all the surrounding animal control agencies and file a lost report with them, as well. You may also try contacting your local vet, humane societies, animal shelters, and police departments.
  • Place fliers in your area as well as the area the pet was lost or last seen. Use a photograph along with your contact information and any pertinent information regarding the pet (i.e. dog is blind, cat needs medication).
  • Ask your neighbors and postal carrier if they have seen your animal.
  • If you have another pet in the home, take it for a leashed walk and call for the animal or place your cat in a secure carrier on the back porch (out of the sun) and allow it to cry a little. That cat's cry or scent may help bring the lost pet home.
  • For cats, place a litter box outside, leaving remaining urine and/or feces in the box. Cats have a great sense of smell and can detect their own odors. This scent might bring them back home.
  • Place a lost ad in the local newspapers and be sure to check the found animals, too.
  • You can try placing small amounts of food outside, but do not leave the food outside overnight. This may attract wildlife and discourage the pet from returning.

Found Animal

Fill out a Found Animal Report

  • Check the animal for collar and tags. If there is an I.D. tag, call the owner immediately. If the animal is wearing a county rabies tag, call the number on the tag to get the owner information. If the animal is wearing a Naperville City License, call Naperville Animal Control at (630) 420-6178 or (630) 420-6664 to have the tag traced.
  • Consider having Animal Control come pick up the animal or bring the animal to the Police Department. This will give the rightful owner the BEST possible chance to find their pet.
  • Place an ad in the local paper. Some papers will allow you to run a free ad for found animals; be certain to check the lost pets too.
  • Have the animal scanned for a microchip at your local veterinary clinic, animal shelter or animal control facility. Ask them to check for tattoos as well.
  • Most lost pets are not very far from their home, check the area for lost fliers posted on poles and mailboxes.
  • Take the pet for a walk (dogs on a leash, cats in a carrier) and ask around about it or take a picture of the pet with you and speak to neighbors and mail carrier. If the animal lives in the area, someone might know who the owner is!