Pet Licensing and Permits

Naperville Pet Licenses are Lifetime Tags and Free!

The City of Naperville requires that all pets be licensed. Once processed, a tag and a copy of the license form will be mailed to you, usually within seven (7) business days.

Apply for a license online!

Naperville pet licenses issued after January 2015 are lifetime tags that do not need to be renewed. However, if the tag becomes lost or unreadable, residents can request a new tag at no charge by contacting Animal Control.

Reasons to license your pet

  • It is required by the City of Naperville for all dogs and cats.
  • A license lets everyone know that your pet is not a stray.
  • Animals found in the field can be returned immediately to their home, making impounding unnecessary.
  • You will be contacted on nights, weekends and holidays via a home phone number or emergency number if someone finds your lost pet.
  • Licenses provide emergency medical care for your pet while in the custody of the City.

Fowl and Livestock Permits

City code (10-4-6: Fowl and Livestock) requires that a property owner obtain a permit prior to constructing, adding onto or modifying any pen, coop, building or other enclosure used for the purposes of housing fowl or livestock.

Permits cost $80 and are available at City Hall through the Transportation, Engineering and Development (TED) Business Group. Questions about these permits can be directed to the TED permit counter at (630) 420-6100 opt #2.