City Events

  1. B.A.S.S.E.T Training 

    City of Naperville training is accepted statewide and by several surrounding states.

    Council Chambers, Municipal Center
    400 S. Eagle Street
  2. Trivia Night 

    Participants' knowledge will be tested on a variety of topics.

    Nichols Library
    200 W. Jefferson Ave.
  3. Start the New Year with Meditation 

    Renate Lanotte explains helpful and stimulating techniques for meditating.

    Nichols Library
    200 W. Jefferson Ave.
  4. Shinrin-yoku FREE Fridays 

    A one-hour introduction to Shinrin-yoku - a restorative practice that emphasizes soaking in the sounds, scents and sights of nature for slowing the body, stilling the mind and opening the heart.

    Sindt Woods
    912 Honorary Sindt Memorial Drive
  5. C2 Education ACT and SAT Test Takings Stratagies 

    Discover strategies, tips, and the best practices to help improve test taking skills

    Nichols Library
    200 W. Jefferson Ave.