Sidewalk and Curb Maintenance Program

Each year, the City of Naperville performs sidewalk and curb maintenance to repair defective sections of sidewalk and curb throughout the City. These repairs ensure safety for walkers as well as reduce liability for property owners and the City.

The City of Naperville dictates that public sidewalk maintenance is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner. The city has implemented a cost sharing sidewalk program to assist property owners in the upkeep of public sidewalks located throughout the city. Once a piece of sidewalk has been identified as a safety hazard, it becomes a liability to the property owner and the city and must be repaired according to the city’s Municipal Code.

Sidewalk and curb that meet the maintenance criteria are marked with white paint. Sidewalk squares in need of maintenance are designated with a white "X" mark. Curb sections in need of maintenance are marked with painted arrows to represent the replacement boundaries. Pink paint is then used to denote sidewalk and curb that is scheduled to be replaced in the current year’s sidewalk and curb maintenance program. White painted areas may be replaced in coordination with the current year’s resurfacing programs.

Program Criteria

The City of Naperville repairs and replaces sidewalks on a cost-sharing basis.

  • For sidewalks adjacent to residential properties, the city pays 60% and the resident pays 40%.
  • For sidewalks adjacent to multi-family and commercial properties, the cost is split 50-50 between the City and property owner.
  • For multi-frontage residential lots, the City pays 60% for the shorter frontage and 75% of the longer frontage; the homeowner pays the balance.

Additionally, the City allows homeowners to replace sidewalks at their property through private contract. This allows for flexibility in replacing additional sections of sidewalk, in coordination with work on the private property, or when the resident wishes to be involved in the scheduling and management of the work on their property. Sidewalk and curb sections found to meet criteria for inclusion in the City's program are eligible for reimbursement if replaced through a private contact. 

Sidewalk Replacement Program Reimbursement Guidelines (PDF)

To qualify, one of the following conditions must exist:

  • Walks must be sunken or risen to a height difference of one inch or more between sections
    Sidewalk Removal Program - Criteria Example 01
  • Broken and separated into three or more pieces
  • 50% or more of the surface deteriorated or spalling. 
    Sidewalk Removal Program - Criteria Example 03
  • Required improvements to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines. Program Requirements -  ADA

Applicants will be contacted by the city whether their sidewalk is eligible for the program or not. If their sidewalk qualifies, the city will send a letter outlining the program.

Where sidewalk and curb are replaced through an asphalt driveway or apron, the City of Naperville will repair the affected area. Asphalt driveways will have an approximately 2' wide patch around the damaged area. When driveway access is restricted, residents will be provided hangtags which will allow for overnight parking in the area.

 Sidewalk Removal Program - Driveway Patch Example


Apply Online

The deadline to apply for the sidewalk improvement program is October 31 of the previous calendar year. Call (630) 420-6100, Option 4, to apply. A city inspector will evaluate your sidewalk to see if it qualifies.

To apply, visit the City's Help Center to request an inspection for the Sidewalk and Curb Maintenance Program.

Apply Online

Residents who do not currently have an account through the City's Help Center will need to create an account to check the status of their request.

Create an Account
Program Outline

Residents included in the current year's project are notified prior to construction. In addition, residents who will have restricted driveway access are notified 24 hours prior to the driveway being closed.

Program Requests
The deadline to request an inspection for the  Sidewalk and Curb Maintenance Program is Oct. 31 each year.

Inspection Process
Following inspection, applicants will receive a blue door hanger on their property identifying whether their sidewalk is eligible for the program. Eligible squares will be marked with paint and temporary ramps will be placed at differentials. 

Public Outreach
Residents included in the current year's program are notified with a blue door hanger at the time of inspection. Estimate letters outlining the expected costs are mailed to residents in the spring. Residents are notified with a door hanger 24 hours prior to work being performed on the property. 

Replacement Process

Multiple construction crews perform work in the program. Below is a basic outline of how work is performed:

  • Crews use a saw to cut the sidewalk to allow for clean removal and to prevent damage to adjacent sidewalk or driveway pavement.
  • A second crew removes the sidewalk/curb/driveway apron.
  • Another crew installs wood/metal framing to help form the concrete when it is poured.
  • A fourth crew pours the concrete and puts the finishing touches on the surface of the concrete.
  • A separate crew will replace the asphalt at the driveway apron or street if needed.
  • Finally, the area around sidewalk or curb is backfilled with topsoil and seed by a landscaping crew.