School Based Incident Management Plan


It is the mission of the School Based Incident Management Plan to maintain and enhance school safety through a dynamic, multi-faceted community partnership promoting cooperation and communication in all phases of the prevention, management and resolution of school based incidents.


The Naperville Police Department, in cooperation with Naperville Community Unit School District 203 and Indian Prairie School District 204, developed this guide to proactively strengthen our significant safety, crime and violence prevention partnership.

The purpose of this plan is to present different strategies and approaches to consider when creating safer learning environments. No two schools are exactly alike, so it is impossible to establish one plan that will work well in all schools. Violence prevention programs work best when they incorporate multiple strategies and address the full range of possible acts of violence within the schools. In order for any set of policies to work, it must be established and implemented with the participation and support of school board members, administrators, parents, students, community members, and police and public safety personnel. Without such shared responsibility, the chance of safe school policies being successfully implemented and accepted is undermined.

All involved in working to prevent or respond to school violence should be aware that no strategy provides any guarantees against violence. Recognition of the rarity of significant school violence and the complexity and unpredictability of human behavior should temper community initiatives as well as expectations.

Action Steps

The majority of students recognize they share in the responsibility to prevent school violence. Not only do they suffer the consequences when it occurs, they provide an essential perspective on how to promote school safety.

Review steps students can take to
help reduce violence in their schools

Parents/Guardians are an essential part of school violence prevention. Demonstrating an interest in their own children’s lives is one of the most important steps parents/guardians can take to help prevent youth violence. Open communication between children and parents is critical.

Review steps parents can take to
help prevent school violence