Driveway Permit

Before installing a new driveway, the City of Naperville requires property owners to complete and submit a Driveway Permit application. The Driveway Permit application must include three (3) copies of the full legal plat of survey, a list of material components, elevations, locations and dimensions of the proposed driveway. If the materials being installed include brick pavers, stamped, colored or exposed aggregate concrete or stamped asphalt in the driveway apron, a Driveway Easement Encroachment Agreement (PDF) must be included with the Driveway Permit application.

**Concrete materials in the Driveway Apron/ Public Sidewalk can only be installed from April 15 through November 15**

Driveway Permit Review

The City of Naperville’s Inspection Team is available to answer your questions and review your plans on a one-on-one basis.

If all requirements are met during the review, the inspectors will issue permits on the spot. The service reduces the time between plan submittal and issue of the permit for construction. 

From April 15 through November 15, Inspectors are available every Wednesday from 8 a.m. to noon at the first floor Development Services counter of the TED Business Group.

I have read the above information and am ready to complete a Driveway Permit application (PDF).