Elevator Permit

The City of Naperville requires any commercial entity wishing to install an elevator in their premises to complete and submit an application.

Applications without completed documentation will not be considered.

Download the Elevator Permit Application (PDF). For details on the permitting process, including submittals, reviews, fees and issuance, visit the Building Permits page. 

What is an Elevator Inspection?

Under the Illinois Office of the State Fire Marshal Elevator Safety Program, all elevators must be inspected annually to ensure passenger safety and code compliance for all vertical transportation equipment. These inspections provide mechanical and electrical inspections of all safety devices and equipment on passenger, freight, dumb waiters, escalators and chairlifts.

Elevator inspections also include state mandated periodic testing such as elevator fire service and emergency power/24-hour phone monitoring.

The City of Naperville considers safety a top priority and makes every effort to comply fully with this program for the more than 800 elevators located across the community.

Who does the Inspection?

Inspection of elevators is a specialized trade. The City of Naperville contracts with Elevator Inspection Service Company, an ASME QEI Certified Elevator Inspection Service provider to complete these technical inspections.

When is my Inspection?

Inspections occur once each year.  Elevator Inspection Service Company, the City’s contractor, independently determines its schedule for inspections, but guarantees all elevators in the City of Naperville are inspected at least once each year.  Unless the elevator is blocked/secured from general public access, you will not receive any prior notice for the inspection as such inspections are intended to be random to view the conditions in their typical state.  If access is not available, please contact Elevator Inspection Service Company to schedule a time to access. 

Why did you receive this invoice?

The City of Naperville issues an invoice annually to all non-residential elevator property owners (or designated contact) to cover the cost of this required annual inspection.  These annual invoices are issued in the summer.   Your inspection may have occurred before this invoice was received or it will be completed prior to the end of the year.   Your payment covers one annual inspection to occur during the calendar year that your invoice is received.  You will know if your inspection is completed because the Elevator Inspection Service Contractor will update the inspection date on the Certificate of Inspection posted within the elevator car.

What if my inspection doesn’t pass?

If your elevator does not pass inspection by Elevator Inspection Services, you will receive at the time of failed inspection, an Inspection Report with the failed code violations marked. You will be required to correct the violation within 30 days, after which, a reinspection will be done. The cost for any required re-inspections will be invoiced to you separately.

What if I have received an inspection billing invoice in error?

If you are a building owner or property management company and have received an invoice for annual elevator inspection at a property that you no longer own or manage, or if you have any other billing changes, please complete the Elevator Billing Contact form and email to: kananl@naperville.il.us