Temporary Structure Permit

The applicant or owner of the premises in which the temporary use shall be established must agree to conform with and abide by all the rules, regulations and provisions of the City ordinances pertaining to the installation and maintenance of temporary uses now or hereafter in force.

Important Information

  • Outdoor sales and storage items at retail shall be restricted to sales of seasonal merchandise during the time of the year when such items are normally used, and to the sales of salt blocks throughout the year.
  • When merchandise is stored or displayed on pedestrian walkways, a minimum width of five feet (5') must be maintained free and clear of any storage, display or sales.
  • All outdoor sales and storage shall be restricted to private property, and no sales and storage shall be permitted on publicly owned property.
  • Outdoor sales and storage of merchandise in parking areas shall not be permitted in the area bounded by the front lot line, the lines formed by extending the line of the side walls of the structure in which the business storing and/or selling the merchandise is located to the front lot line, and the line formed by the front wall of said structure.
  • All merchandise must be kept in a neat, safe, sanitary and orderly fashion, free from garbage, rubbish and other debris.
  • Outside sales and storage of merchandise not in compliance with the above regulations must be approved by the City Council.

Requirements at Time of Submittal

  • Completed application
  • All relevant information as shown on the Temporary Structure Checklist
  • Disclosure of Beneficiaries
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance-For City of Naperville Owned Property Only (Site specific, $1,000,000 minimum, City of Naperville listed as the Certificate Holder)

Permit Application

Download the Temporary Structure Permit Application (PDF). For details on the permitting process, including submittal, reviews, fees and issuance, visit the Building Permits page.