Trailer Installation Permit

Trailers are allowed to be erected on construction sites on a temporary basis so long as a permit is obtained from the City of Naperville.

Trailer Installation Requirements

  • Permit application must include an 8 1/2" x 11" site plan of proposed location of trailers, and access to trailers. Site plan must also include location of the necessary dumpsters and screening, and include estimated date of removal.
  • Disclosure of Beneficiary form (PDF) - completed and notarized. (City Clerk’s Office will notarize at no charge to the applicant).
  • Fees and charges: There will be an application fee of $38.00 per permit.  An inspection fee of $122.00 for two inspections is payable at the time the permit is issued. A fee of $100.00 will be charged for temporary electrical service if required and applicable.  The electric sub-contractor is required to be State licensed and registered in the City of Naperville.
  • A cash bond of $500.00 must be submitted as surety of conformance for each trailer requested. (Will need to be paid at the same time permit is paid for.) The bond will be refunded when the trailer is removed from the site, provided that the site is maintained and kept free and clear of debris.
  • All trailers shall be secured against unauthorized entry.
  • All trailer areas shall be policed on a regular basis to maintain the area in a neat and orderly condition.
  • Trailer areas and access roads to trailers must be overlaid with a minimum of four (4") inches of compacted gravel.
  • Trailers located in a residential area shall be screened from that area. All dumpsters must be screened from residential areas.
  • Trailers cannot be located within any public or private or right-of-way, and they cannot be located so as to interfere with any public or private easements. Trailer locations must also meet the setback requirements (minimum of 20 feet.) Setback is measured from the backside of the curb.
  • A violation of the standards set forth in Ordinance 91-134, 8-6-91 may allow the City of Naperville to use the cash bond to correct a violation. Written notice of violations will be mailed to the contact person stated on the application, who will have 15 days to correct the violation. If a portion of the cash bond is used to correct a violation the permit holder will be required to submit the additional surety to maintain bond to $500.00.

Trailer Removal Requirements

  • Construction trailers will be removed from the site when the last structure for which trailers are permitted has been constructed and occupied, or six month after the construction activity has ceased, whichever occurs first.
  • Sales and office trailers used for selling lots or homes will be removed within thirty days of receipt of approval for occupancy for any model home within the subject development.
  • Construction trailers used solely for storage of tools or materials will be removed within fifteen days after the construction activity has ceased.

Permit Application

I have read the above and am ready to complete a Trailer Installation Permit application (PDF).