DEI Timeline

The City of Naperville is continuously working to become a more inclusive, welcoming, diverse community where all are welcome and enjoy equitable opportunities to thrive.


FEBRUARY AND BEYOND: Community conversations on the rise based on changing diversity in Naperville.

NOVEMBER 5: A request is made to update the City's Mission Statement

DECEMBER 17: The City Council approves a revision to the City's Mission Statement:

"To provide services that ensure a high quality of life, sound fiscal management, and a dynamic business environment, while creating an inclusive community that values diversity."


MAY 19: The City Council adopts a resolution celebrating the diversity of the community and denouncing all acts of racism, intolerance, and unlawful discrimination.

SEPTEMBER 1: The City Council approves the hiring of a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager.

DECEMBER 15: The City adopts Title 12 of the Code of Ordinances prohibiting unlawful discrimination in human rights and housing in the City of Naperville.


FEBRUARY 9: The inaugural Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager starts work with Naperville.

FEBRUARY 10: Meetings with leaders across all departments begin to better understand Naperville’s internal landscape.

MARCH 2: Listening sessions with residents and key Naperville organizations begin to take place to gather perspectives. Goals include how to engage youth in future discussions and initiatives.

AUGUST 2: Youth component begins to take shape.


JANUARY 17: Geneace Williams continues to spread the message of inclusion and community at the Naperville Central College’s 2022 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day programming.

MARCH: The City of Naperville partners with eight Naperville organizations in a DEI Banner display

AUGUST 2022: Internal and external DEI plan developed. (THE DEI plan was later presented to the City Council at the Dec. 20, 2022 City Council meeting.)

NOVEMBER 10, 2022: The first Embrace Naperville community event, The Power of Inclusion, is held to increase awareness across the community.


JANUARY 8: Dr. Williams serves as the opening speaker at NILA (Naperville Interfaith Leaders Association) interfaith prayer service for World Peace Day.

JANUARY 16: Dr. Williams presents Teach-In at NCC honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

FEBRUARY 2023:City begins honoring Federally recognized History and Heritage months on Social Media channels.

FEBRUARY 24:Dr. Williams participates in a Student Belonging panel discussion sponsored by the SD203 Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council.

FEBRUARY/MARCH: City participates in Kindness Campaign spearheaded by the Collaborative Youth Team.

MARCH 6: Dr. Williams presents a Teach-In at Benedictine University Teach-In – Topic, Equity in Government: A Must

MARCH 13: Dr. Williams presents to NCHS Students on DEI in Naperville and youth involvement.

MARCH 28: Dr. Williams presents to the Metropolitan Majors Caucus on approaches to employee retention.

APRIL 24: Dr. Williams speaks at the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce Unity Breakfast.

MAY 5: Dr. Williams offers Invocation at the Boy Scouts DuPage County Impact Breakfast.

MAY 6: Dr. Williams participates in School District 203's Student and Family Resource Fair.

MAY 13: The second Embrace Naperville community event, The Power of Connection AAPI Voices & Community, was held in honor of AAPI month.

JUNE 17: Dr. Williams speaks at the Juneteenth Freedom Day event sponsored by Naperville Neighbors United.

DEI Action Steps

Step One: Listening

  1. Meet leaders and members of various organizations in Naperville.
  2. Conduct listening sessions with residents and organizations.
    1. Identify organizational synergies and uncover gaps.
  3. Continuously develop relationships to:
    1. locate persons interested in the work
    2. garner support
    3. identify allies in the work
    4. join forces with organizations doing the work

Step Two: Learning

  • Cull together results of listening sessions (ongoing)
  • Identify resources for events and activities
  • Determine community partners for various events and activities
  • Continual community engagement, idea generation and sharing between community members and organizations
  • Bring youth component to life

Step 3: Leveraging/Action

  • Diversity meet and greets with various organizations from the community.
  • Partnering with organizations to advance the work.
  • Having difficult conversations and creating safe spaces for storytelling.