Preventing Package Thefts

We're partnering with some of the major delivery companies to help minimize the possibility that your deliveries will be stolen. Here are a few things YOU can do to help prevent your online deals from becoming others' front-door steals!

Schedule packages to arrive when you're home. When you can, have your orders delivered on days that you are home. Many shipping companies allow you to request a delivery time or time frame.

Require a signature for delivery. When you want to be sure important or valuable items are not left unattended.

Sign up for delivery alerts. Most major shipping companies offer this service. So, if you are not home you can contact a friend or family to retrieve the package.

Have packages delivered to another location.

  • Workplace/Office
  • Neighbor
  • Sart Locker
  • Carrier's Local Office
  • Family Member
  • Distribution Center

Leave delivery instructions. Request your packages be placed in a less conspicuous spot, such as a side or back door or behind a planter, or a location not visible from the street.

Install security cameras. Be sure it is visible and in working order. Cameras only deter criminals if they know one is present.

File a report. If you believe that someone has stolen a package, confirm that it was delivered, and then make a report with law enforcement.

Watch out for your neighbors. Call 911 immediately if you see suspicious activity — get an accurate description of the activity and/or vehicle or person. Relay that information to the 911 call-taker as soon as possible.